La Palma Car Wash
5021 La Palma Ave. | La Palma, California 90623 | 714.994.4707

Car Wash

Regular Wash, $21.99
All cloth wash, interior vacuum (seats, mats, dust dash), crystal clean windows

Super Wash, $25.99
'Regular Wash' plus a polish wax, sealer hot wax

Hand Wash, $45.00
Hand wash and vacuum, air freshener, wheels cleaning, tire dressing. Larger cars extra.

Luxury Wash, $29.99
'Regular Wash' plus a rainbow tri-lustre wax, tire, trim and bumper conditioning

Express Hand Wax, $55.00
'Regular Wash' plus hand applied carnauba wax, tire, trim and bumper conditioning

Auto Detailing

Headlight Restoration, $80 & up
Removal of light to medium scratches and discoloration

Exterior Only, $160
Wash and vacuum, power buffed exterior, hand polished chrome and wheels, "vivid" dress, tire conditioning, air freshener

Interior Only, $170
Wash and vacuum, shampooed carpets, seats and floor mats, dash and dress cleaned on request

Complete Detail, $275
Includes everything in exterior & interior details

Clay & Wax, $110
Oxidation removal using special clay, hand applied carnauba wax, tire conditioning

Mini Detail, $140
Wash, hand applied carnauba wax, vacuum and shampoo of carpets and mats, interior dress upon request, exterior "vivid" dress and tire conditioning

Polymer Sealant Detail, $300
Includes everything in 'Complete Detail', plus a hand application of Teflon Polymer Paint Sealant

All prices may vary due to size and condition of vehicle


Special Wash Waxes
Sealer HOT wax, $1.75
Polish Wax, $2.75
Rainbow Wax, $5.75

Special Services
Air Freshener, $1.50
Tire Conditioner, $3.00
Wheel Bright, $5.00
Shampoo Floor Mat, $2.50 each
Complete Armor All, $15.00
Exterior Armor All, $8.00
Leather Conditioner, $19.95
Leather Conditioner with Wash, $39.95

Special Detail Services
Scotchguard treatment
Overspray and tar removal
Tint removal
Headlight Restoration, $80 and up
All by estimate, please contact detail manager

Extra charges on certain washes
SUV, $2.00
Truck, minivan, large SUV, $3.00

All prices may vary due to size and condition of vehicle